These are the 11 best Prime Video horror series

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Do you like horror and are you subscribed to Amazon Prime Video? We tell you about all the must-see series so you can give them a chance… if you dare.

The best Prime Video series.
© IMDbThe best Prime Video series.

The terror It’s not for everyone, it’s clear, and just as a while ago we told you about the unmissable series of the genre that you shouldn’t stop watching in Netflixnow we tell you what you can find in Amazon Prime Video. From productions that expand well-known universes like I Know What They Did Last Summer, to stories starring Mads Mikkelsen What Hannibal. All available in the catalog Prime Video.

+11 unmissable Prime Video horror series

11 – Hannibal

Starring Mads Mikkelsenfocuses on this famous character named Hannibal Lecterwho once played Anthony Hopkins. In this case, recounting the days prior to the events of The silence of the inocents, when he worked as a psychiatrist for the FBI. you see her here.

10 – The Purge

Today turned into a successful horror saga, the purge also has its episodic version and the two seasons are herein Prime Video. What would you do if for twelve hours all crimes were legal?

9 – Them

Anthology horror set in the 50s. An African-American family moves to Los Angeles, where racism is very present. To make matters worse, certain entities begin to be present among them. you see her here.

8 – I know what they did last summer

In this link you can watch the series about the horror classic. A city in which a group of teenagers begins to be stalked by a murderer who seems to know all his secrets.

7 – The Exorciser

In this link you find the horror series that is proposed as a remake of the story published as a book by William Peter Blatty in 1971, which came to the cinema and today is an icon of terror.

6 – The twilight zone

With jordan peele as one of those responsible, you can see here a new version of The Twilight Zone. Anthology stories that plunge us into the strangest situations, as the original show from the 50s already did.


Based on real events, this story portrays the journey to the arctic of the British Royal Navy, where they must use all their talent to survive. you see her here.

4 – NOS4A2

Inspired by the work of Joe Hillthe son of the very Stephen Kingthis production focuses on vic mcqueensomeone with a supernatural gift who suddenly comes face to face with an immortal being called charlie manx. Is it availabe here.

3 – Stories to not sleep

This classic from the 1960s was born in Spain and you can enjoy it at Prime Video in this link. Scary stories made by Narciso Ibanez Serradorpioneer of terror in Spain who adapted stories of Edgar Allan Poe and Ray Bradburyamong others.

2 – In The Flesh

In this link you can enjoy this series of two installments that was released in 2013. The protagonist is Kieren Walkera teenage zombie looking to reintegrate into everyday life.

1 – South of Hell

Mena Suvari stars in this 2015 series that you can watch here. It’s the story of Maria Abascala 30-year-old exorcist who fights demons in South Carolina for a living.

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