These accidents involving celebrities took fans by surprise and shocked the country

THE tragic death of country singer Cristiano Araújo turns seven on the 24th of June. The artist, at the height of his career, could not resist a serious car accident on a highway in Goiás and lost his life at the age of 29. In addition to the singer, brother of Felipe Araújo, his girlfriend, Allana Moraes, then 19 years old, also died.

The tragedy that killed Cristiano, at the height of his career, was one of the fatal accidents involving celebrities that shocked the country in recent years. One of the most recent involved the duo Conrado and Aleksandro on a highway in São Paulo at the beginning of last month when the duo’s bus overturned after one of the tires burst.

Aleksandro ended up not resisting and his duo partner only left the hospital this week. At the end of last year, Marília Mendonça left us when she died in a plane crash in the region of Caratinga (Minas Gerais).

Other artists survived collisions on the roads, such as singer Renner and actor Flávio Silvino, who ended up with sequels. O purepeople recalls some of these cases that stopped Brazil, and in some cases, the world as well.

Singers died after car accidents

In 2002, singer Claudinho, a duo from Buchecha, died in a car accident on Via Dutra, in Seropédica (Rio de Janeiro) at age 26. The funker came in the passenger seat and couldn’t resist after the vehicle skidded and hit a tree.

Before, in 1997, the countryman João Paulo, Daniel’s duo, died charred after his car flipped and exploded on a highway in São Paulo, at the age of 37. In 1993, Jessé, interpreter of songs like “Porto Solidão”, lost his life at age 40 also in a car accident, which occurred in Ourinhos (São Paulo).

The singer Gonzaguinha was another fatal victim of a traffic accident. The artist left us in 1991, at the age of 45. Princess Diana, on the other hand, could not resist an accident in a tunnel in Paris, France, in September 1997. The vehicle was fleeing from the pursuit of the paparazzi, who wanted to take a photo of Lady Di with her then-boyfriend, Dodi Al-Fayed.

Accidents took the lives of celebrities in 2019

Like João Paulo and Marília, Gabriel Diniz was at the height of his career when the jet he was flying in May 2019 crashed in a mangrove region in Sergipe. Air accidents also killed Mamonas Assassinas (in 1996), actor Rômulo Arantes (in 2000) and 71 of the 77 occupants of the flight that took the Chapecoense team to Colombia.

2019 was marked by other fatal accidents. Ricardo Boechat died when the helicopter in which he was flying crashed on a highway in São Paulo; Caroline Bittencourt drowned after shipwreck; and Gugu Liberato could not resist a fall from the attic of his house in the USA.

Another accident that shocked Brazil killed pilot Ayrton Senna in a Formula 1 race, in May 1994. A year earlier, comedian Geraldo Alves also died in a car accident.

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