There’s Mail for You: Meg Ryan worked in a bookstore preparing for the role

Meg Ryan worked in a bookstore in order to better prepare herself to play the role of Kathleen Kelly during the filming of You’ve Got Mail.

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In You’ve Got Mail, a 1998 remake of the classic directed by Ernst Lubitsch, Meg Ryan plays Kathleen Kelly: a woman who runs a small children’s bookshop inherited from her mother. The actress worked in a bookstore in order to better prepare herself for playing her role.

There’s Mail for You: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in a scene from the film

Ryan, at the suggestion of director Nora Ephron, decided to go to work in a real New York bookstore to become familiar with the craft and be able to step into her character’s shoes. The bookstore, where Meg worked for about a week, is the Books of Wonder, located in the heart of Manhattan.

Ephron, about the library featured in the film, said: “Once we decided that the protagonist would be the owner of a bookstore, we transformed it into a children’s bookstore because we tried to make a film that was as personal as possible. After all, each of us grew up loving children’s books more than anything else.”

As already specified above, There is mail for you is actually a remake of the famous film of the forties with James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan entitled Write me mail. The main characters in Lubitsch’s film were employees of a leather goods shop in Budapest, Hungary.

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