Therefore emptied "Temptation Island"-Christina bottle before litter!

There is finally an answer to the frequently asked question! Christina Dimitriou (30) snapped at the TV loyalty test Temptation Island VIP. Because her partner Aleksandar Petrovic (31), with whom she took part in the format, told the seductress Vanessa Nwattu that she was not happy with the Greek, she threw a bottle around in anger. However, she emptied this before the throw – Christina now reveal why!

In conversation with celebrity flash she revealed what some have already thought: “No matter how angry I am and throwing things – that doesn’t mean that I want to destroy everything right away.” The bottle filled with water could have broken something. Also the television: “Ultimately we get to see our keyholes there,” she explained. However, she did not hit the interior with the vessel, but one of the male seducers, who then fled.

The TV celebrity doesn’t seem to have noticed this, however, as the scenes with Aleks had totally upset her. Christina burst into tears and couldn’t understand how the muscle man could do this to her. For a moment, she thought about quitting.

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Temptation Island VIP, RTL

Christina Dimitriou at “Temptation Island VIP” 2022
Aleksandar Petrovic and Vanessa Nwattu at “Temptation Island VIP”
Christina Dimitriou, reality TV star

Does it surprise you that Christina was able to think straight in that emotional moment?

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