"There was nothing worse": Courteney Cox hates hers "Scream"-Hairstyle

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“There was nothing worse”
Courteney Cox hates her “scream” hairstyle

Some TV hairstyles are just iconic. Just think of Jennifer Aniston’s infamous Rachel Cut in Friends. Her serial colleague Courteney Cox, who will soon be seen in the fifth part of the “Scream” series, was less fortunate with her film hairstyle.

Courteney Cox is still annoyed after 22 years about her hairstyle in “Scream 3”. On the “Drew Barrymore Show” the actress spoke to her “Scream” co-stars Neve Campbell and David Arquette about the look of her role Gale. In “Scream 3” (2000) Gale wore fringed bangs. “For every ‘Scream’ movie I tried to give it a different look that was just overly ugly or too much,” said Cox hostess Drew Barrymore.

Campbell then brought the infamous pony into play. Cox seems to be reluctant to remember him: “Oh, that was the worst. I forgot that. There was nothing worse.” That was a “big lesson” for her, because he will be seen forever through the film. After filming finished, however, she was able to take off the pony, it was only a hairpiece. The problem was that they just had fake bangs and then had to work with the hairpiece that was accidentally shortened.

Cox’s ex-husband takes “full responsibility”

Cox’s “Scream” pony is now legendary: Time and again, it has been made a meme on the Internet. Her co-star and ex-husband David Arquette also joked about it. He admitted in a comment on one of the memes that the hairstyle slip was actually his fault. “I have to take the blame for that. I suggested a Bettie Page look. It just didn’t work. I take full responsibility.” Cox himself has already poked fun at herself when she shared her Halloween look on Instagram in 2020. She disguised herself as her “Scream 3” character Gale and couldn’t do without the pony and the matching scissors.

The reason for the reunion of the “Scream” stars on Drew Barrymore’s show, which was seen in the first film, was the fifth part of “Scream”. The strip starts in German cinemas on January 13th. The film series had even more memorable things in store for Cox: While filming the first part, she met David Arquette and married him in 1999. Even after the divorce in 2013, the two are connected through their 17-year-old daughter Coco. They worked together again for the new “Scream” film.

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