"There is no more heartbeat": Jessie J lost her baby

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“Gives no more heartbeat”
Jessie J lost her baby

Jessie J is currently living through every expectant mother’s nightmare: the singer suffered a miscarriage. In a heartbreaking message to her fans, she now writes about what she experienced and her grief. However, the 33-year-old does not want to take a break from the stage – on the contrary.

With an emotional post, Jessie J turns to her fans and shares terrible news with them: The singer has lost her unborn baby. The news should surprise the public twice, because Jessie J had not yet made her pregnancy public.

Under a photo with a positive pregnancy test, the 33-year-old starts her message to the fans like this: “Yesterday morning I laughed with a friend and said: ‘But seriously, how am I supposed to survive my performance in LA tomorrow evening without him to tell the whole audience that I’m pregnant? ‘”

The sad news from the gynecologist came shortly afterwards: “Yesterday afternoon I was already afraid of the thought of surviving the gig without a breakdown. After I had gone to the third scan and was told that there would be no more heartbeat.”

The singer recently announced that she was breaking up with her partner Max Pham Nguyen. Whether he was the father of the unborn baby is not clear, because Jessie J continues: “I made the decision to have a baby myself. Because that’s all I ever wanted, and life is short. Getting pregnant was in itself a miracle and an experience that I will never forget and that I know I will do again. “

“Have to deal with it my way”

Channing Tatum’s ex-girlfriend is very open about her grief. “I want to be honest and truthful and not hide what I feel,” writes Jessie J. “Not just for the audience, but for me and my little baby who did its best.” The singer describes her grief as “the feeling of not having control over my emotions”.

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Despite the stroke of fate, Jessie J doesn’t want to take a break from the stage. She knows, “Singing will help me tonight. I’ve done 2 gigs in 2 years and my soul needs it. Even more today. I know some people will think that I should just cancel the gig.” But at that moment I have clarity about one thing, I started singing when I was young, for joy, to fill my soul and as self-love therapy, that has never changed and I have to do it my way to process.”

In her post she addresses all women who have experienced something similar. “I feel connected with those I know and with those I don’t know,” she writes, noting: “It’s the loneliest feeling in the world.”

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