There is a ruckus over keeping women less and confined to domestic work

These days the Imran Khan government in Pakistan is being accused of gender discrimination. It is alleged that in the books which the government has included in the new curriculum, girls have been shown wearing hijab. kept away from games. This is an attempt to make girls look inferior to boys.

These days there is a ruckus on school books in Pakistan. The Imran Khan government has been accused of showing women as inferior to men in the courses added to the new syllabus.

Pakistan’s ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has launched its revised Single National Curriculum in August this year. Calling it a milestone to end inequality in the education system, the government had implemented it. In this new curriculum, the government also included new books in place of old books. These books are being told against women.

Pakistan’s education experts and social organizations have accused the government of trying to convey through these books that women are inferior to men. A wrong message is being given to the society through books.

The cover of a Class Five English book shows a father and son reading on a sofa, while mother and daughter are seen reading on the floor. Both mother and daughter are covering their heads with hijab. Most of the covers of the books also depict small girls wearing hijabs. Usually girls start wearing hijab when they grow up.

In these books, girls are mainly depicted as mother, daughter, wife and teacher. They are not shown in play. Only boys can be seen playing and exercising in it.

Center for Education and Awareness CEO Bela Raza Jameel objected to these books, saying that girls and women in Pakistan are still excelling in sports. She is representing the country in the Olympics. They are climbing mountains. Then why the books don’t reflect this, why are they excluding them from physical activity and sports?

The way the image of girls has been presented in the books, people of the progressive society of Pakistan are angry and are accusing the government that Imran government has done this to appease the religious right wing organizations.

Tariq Banuri, former chairman of the Pak Higher Education Commission, also questioned the curriculum, saying that the lack of participation of women and cultural diversity in the new curriculum would create a rift among people. Society will be divided into two parts.

It is also being told that the provinces of Pakistan have also come out against these courses. South Sindh province has rejected the new curriculum, calling it ludicrous and sexist.

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