Thelma Fardin, on the case of Mavys Álvarez: “Diego Maradona is an example of horror”

Diego Maradona He died almost a year ago and continues to speak after the terrible bond he had was mediated Mavys alvarez when she was a minor, which included drugs, gender violence and alcohol.

Although many people continue to support the deceased idol for his football career and his impact on the world, deciding to separate athlete from person, others cannot separate the individual from his actions, so they came out to emphatically repudiate him.

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This was the case with Thelma Fardin, that when Maradona died he was highly criticized for his fanaticism and devotion to sports and the footballer. However, almost a year later, the young actress, who is about to face Juan Darthés in a trial for rape, she expressed her disgust at the harsh situation the Cuban woman went through.

Thelma Fardín shot Diego Maradona and Juan Darthés.

In dialogue with Juan Etchegoyen for a Miter Live, the former “Ugly Duckling“He referred to the arrival of Mavys to Argentina to testify as a” witness “against Maradona’s close surroundings: “There are things that are delicate to talk about by zooming and If Mavys wants to talk to the Collective, he is available. Insofar as it is useful because sometimes what you need the most is calm, I expressed my support ”.

“It seems to me that the most complex thing when talking about separate the artist’s work and what do you do with it. The most complex thing is that money is still being generated. Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, we are at a crossroads. These people are examples of horror”, expressed in the live of Instagram.

And he reflected on his fanaticism with Maradona: “That is the most delicate. I watched his football and I have been a soccer player since I was very young, it always fascinated me. And when I found out about this story and others, aside the most beautiful goal in the world. Above all things, my solidarity with the victim”.

Mavys Álvarez and Diego Maradona.

Mavys Álvarez and Diego Maradona.

It is very difficult and as a society we have not solved it. We cannot continue to deify that figure. It is re-victimizing for those of us who dare to denounce. It is as if tomorrow Darthés stars in a novel as a father. How are the girls going to denounce him if he is in that place of power “, added dismayed.

And closed bluntly: “The same applies to everyone. I blame myself too. At the time I thought only about his football and when I came across these stories they only talked about how important the human is”.

Look what Thelma Fardín said about Diego Maradona!

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