"Their mother is not Muslim"Soprano rarely evokes his partner, the education of his children and his relationship to Islam!

For a week now, users of Disney+ can watch a new documentary series Soprano: To Life, To Death (six episodes of forty-five minutes, editor’s note) which traces the life and career of the most popular French singer of his generation. From his childhood in the 80s in the northern districts of Marseille until the recording of his last album in 2021. Without forgetting the presence of Mateo, Djamali, Mej, the three relatives and major actors in the existence of Saïd M ‘Roumbaba, his real name. The interpreter of Crazy was also in concert, on June 18 and 19, at the Orange Vélodrome, home of his heart team, Olympique de Marseille, for two exceptional concerts, which brought together nearly 120,000 people.

Very recently, it was with his friend Djamali, that he took part in the podcast of Tele-Leisure devoted to the theme of parenthood, parents first. The opportunity to come back to this documentary series made for a specific purpose “show our history to our children”. “We said to ourselves that we had to leave them a legacy, explain to them that everything has not always been easy for us”.

He addressed the issue of religion in the education of his offspring.

“I teach my children, I explain to them what religion is. The three religions. Even Buddhism. I taught them to pray. But I didn’t tell them, ‘You have to be in religion. ‘. I leave them free”, continued the 43-year-old artist. “What is important is that their mother is not Muslim. They celebrate, but all of them. They celebrate Christmas. Afterwards, my eldest does Ramadan. She said ‘I want to do it, to understand, to be interested’. I think it’s not just me who is like that. Often people think that religion is imposed . No, no, no! There are plenty of mixed couples who are like me.”

In a few days, he will go to the Bordeaux side of the Matmut Atlantique for another concert, the 10th of his career in a stadium.

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Sylvain Majadahonda

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