Their love of animals connects them: Between Vanessa Mai and Andrea Berg "there was never any gossip"

Their love of animals unites them
Between Vanessa Mai and Andrea Berg “there was never any gossip”

In an interview, pop singer Andrea Berg and her daughter-in-law, pop singer Vanessa Mai, clear up a stubborn rumor: Contrary to what many headlines suggest, there is apparently great harmony between the women.

Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai gave their first interview together. The hit star is the stepmother-in-law of the younger singer: Mai has been married to Andreas Ferber, Andrea Berg’s stepson, since 2017. The two women have known each other for almost ten years. At Christmas 2012, they “met for the first time really privately,” says Mai the “picture on sunday”. “Of course, the singer Andrea Berg was there for me and not my friend’s mother. That was extraordinary and I was excited.”

Their love of animals connects the two singers. This “broke the ice from the start,” reveals Andrea Berg. Nevertheless: “You need a few years for my bravery medal.” But Mai proved herself. Her step-parents are “a rock” for Vanessa Mai: “I can always call someone,” she says. “If something happens, everyone stands there and catches you,” confirms Berg. “We are like a home port where you know that nothing can happen to you.”

Apparently there is great harmony between the two women: “There was never a situation in which we both clashed. It was more like writing about the bad mother-in-law or the bad daughter-in-law in public. It’s always just a look at been us. But there was never any gossip between us,” says Mai.

On the contrary: Mutual support is very important to both of them. Andrea Berg helped Vanessa Mai with a back injury caused by her hard dance training. “When she had the stage accident and the back injury, I was strict with her because it was very important to me that she didn’t get paraplegic,” says Berg. “You have to take the kids to your chest.” She had “serious conversations with her stepson Andreas and her stepdaughter-in-law and explained to them, with the help of the attending doctor and our physiotherapist, what can happen”.

“Andrea got me all the specialists, got in the car and drove me to every doctor. I have you to thank for the fact that a week later I was back on my feet and on stage,” says Mai. You have “great trust” in the hit star. As Berg reveals, they even “regularly go on family vacations together.” “Then we eat and drink together,” says the 56-year-old. The two women understand each other not only privately, but also professionally: Vanessa Mai and Andrea Berg recently published their duet “Infinite”.

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