Theft is increasing in Bilaspur the number of CCTV cameras will increase

Bilaspur. Bilaspur News: The incident of theft is increasing once again in Sims (Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences). During the day time the pockets are active in the MRD (Medical Records Department) and in the evening, they are making the patients and their relatives a victim of theft in the wards. In view of this, the Sims management has decided to install two dozen new CCTV cameras.

In sims OPD time with MRD in OPD people are falling victim to pocket malpractice. Sims Chowki Police is getting such complaints every day. Similarly, even the belongings of patients and relatives are being crossed during the night. Sims management has taken this type of complaint continuously. It has also come to the fore in the investigation that there are many important places where CCTV cameras are not installed.

There are more incidents of theft. After conducting the survey, the need has been told to install cameras at 24 places. Sims management has made a proposal to install cameras at these 24 places. Once the approval is received, the process of installation of cameras will be started. At present, 94 CCTV cameras are being used in SIMS.

Bad cameras will be made

It has also been revealed that more than 30 cameras are lying closed. They are not working due to technical fault. Sims management has given instructions to get these cameras made with immediate effect. PRO Dr. Aarti Pandey told that soon the damaged cameras will be made. After getting the same approval, new cameras will also be installed according to the need.

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