“The young man was on the ground, he had passed under the truck”: a 17-year-old Deliveroo delivery man dies hit by a heavy truck

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The scene is terrible and shows that the cyclist had no luck. This Tuesday, around 7 p.m., a semi-trailer was stuck at a red light, rue de Saint-Amand in Lille-Fives, in the Lezennes – Lille direction. Under the cab, at the front, a bicycle is stuck between the bumper and the ground. And a meter behind the trailer, a body under a white sheet.

The victim, a 17-year-old boy, was carrying a Deliveroo satchel, write the VDN. He appears to have been run over by the heavyweight. “We heard a noise, we went to see, explain shocked residents. The young man was on the ground, he had passed under the truck. We stayed with him. “

The firefighters from the Lille-Bouvines barracks arrived very quickly, with a team from the SAMU. “They massaged him. But the victim, very seriously injured, did not survive.

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The police immediately opened an investigation and began the first surveys on the spot. “There are a lot of bicycle delivery men who pass here”, observed a local resident. The driver of the truck was overheard, explaining that the accident happened while he was in a line of stopped cars. He started off slowly without seeing the bike. He hadn’t consumed alcohol.

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