The year that will come, Amadeus announces Blanco and Mahmood in Sanremo. The video of a spectator’s vulgar gesture makes the rounds on social media

How was RaiUno’s New Year’s Eve with Amadeus? Good. And from all points of view. A popular national show done perfectly with the conductor and former DJ who “swims in his sea”. The share confirms: The coming year he put in front of the tv 5.032.000 spectators equal to 36.9% of shares (New Year’s Eve in music on Canale5 3.001.000 viewers with a share of 20.9%.).

Italian and foreign guests took turns on stage in a dancing atmosphere. And as always when King Midas Amadeus is involved, social networks have been very attentive to following the broadcast. That’s why when the conductor announced the presence of Blanco and Mahmood on the Ariston stage on the first evening, hundreds of tweets went out. To those who are stirring up controversy over the fact that the conductor said “no” to guests over 70, just remember also Maneskin and Diodato they performed as the previous year’s winners. Epic the moment in which Amadeus, seeing the performance of Gabriele Cirilli and Francesco Paolantoni, took refuge behind the scenes too much “into laughter”. But there is another thing that has gone viral (for the sadness of the guilty RaiUno cameras). A very vulgar gesture framed for too long: a spectator of the show, evidently excited by the party or who knows, let himself go into the mime of an “erotic will” while dancing with a friend.

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