The Wrath of God: the Netflix movie with an actor from El Marginal


Along with an actor from El Reino and an actress from Luis Miguel, he will return to the streaming giant. This is what you should know about Argentine production.

The actor from El Marginal who returns to the streaming platform.
© NetflixThe actor from El Marginal who returns to the streaming platform.

2022 is undoubtedly one of the best years when it comes to Argentine streaming productions. The thing is Netflix presented Made in Argentina, a collection of national films that will be added to the platform’s catalog throughout the year. This time it is the turn of The Wrath of God, which will star an actor from The fringean interpreter of The kingdom and an actress from Luis Miguel: the series. This is all you need to know!

Earlier this year it was announced that this promising story would arrive in mid-2022. But almost a month after the premiere, the red N began to release the first images of its original production. The film is titled The God’s anger and is based on the novel The slow death of Luciana B.published by William Martinez. In this case, the address will be in the hands of Sebastian Schindel and its release date is now official.

will be the next June, 15 when the Argentine film arrives at the subscription service. Its protagonists will be none other than Juan Minujinactor of The fringe; Diego Perettiwho led the cast of the hit series The kingdom and that it will return with a second part; Y Macarena Achaga, who gave life to Michelle Salas in the fiction that tells the life of El Sol de México. In this way, the three Netflix figures will meet in the same very different project.

What is it about The God’s anger? According to Netflix, it is a police thriller in which a young woman faces a series of mysterious and tragic deaths in her family circle. The figure of an enigmatic writer -who used to be her boss- appears with an air of guilt. As she fights to save her only loved one alive, she must race against time to uncover the truth and prove that this is no coincidence and that revenge could have fueled all of the events.

After the premiere of Hail with Guillermo Francella, the premieres continue “made in Argentina” for Netflix. the next will be The photographer and the postman: the crime of Cabezasand then continue with matrimillas, a romantic comedy also with Juan Minujín and Luisana Lopilato. In addition, it will develop ellen knowswhich adapts the homonymous novel by Claudia Piñeiro, and Pipethe end of the trilogy the hunch Y Loss.

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