The world star refuses and languishes: Definitely not going to Qatar

Although fans have speculated whether world star Dua Lipa was next to open a soccer World Cup, the singer has now ruled it out herself and is longing for Qatar.

She does so in a post on Instagram.

‘There is currently a lot of speculation as to whether I will perform at the opening ceremony at the World Cup in Qatar. I am not going to perform, and I have never been part of any negotiations to perform,’ she writes at the outset.

The singer will be cheering for England, but to that extent from a distance, and she is not shy about longing for Qatar.

‘I will be cheering for England, but from a distance. I look forward to visiting Qatar when they have met their human rights goals as they promised when they won the opportunity to host the World Cup,’ it reads.

The post on story from Dua Lipa.

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In the past, celebrities such as Shakia, J Lo, Pitbull and the Black Eyed Peas have performed at the openings.

The Danish ‘X Factor’ judge and DJ, Martin Jensen, has previously confirmed to BT that he will also play in Qatar..

“It is correct that I have a number of shows planned in Qatar during the World Cup. Since the beginning of the planning phase, I have kept an eye on the music, the football party – and of course the support for our national team,” he wrote in a text message to BT

“I am not an ambassador or an external face for the WC organizers. I’m a DJ – and for me it’s the music that’s at the center.’

Martin Jensen will give eight concerts for the WC in Qatar.

There has been great controversy over the World Cup being held in Qatar, as the country does not respect human rights.

In addition, several migrant workers have lost their lives while building stadiums to host the tournament.

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