The world population has exceeded 8 billion: meet Damian, the eight billionth inhabitant of the planet

The world population exceeds 8 billion inhabitants on Tuesday, according to the official estimate of the United Nations, which sees in it “an important milestone in human development” and a reminder, in the midst of COP27, of “our shared responsibility to take care of our planet “.

For the UN, “this unprecedented growth” – there were 2.5 billion inhabitants in 1950 – is the result “of a gradual increase in the length of life thanks to progress made in terms of public health, nutrition, personal hygiene and medicine.

Damian, 8 billionth inhabitant

The eight billionth resident of planet Earth is Damian, a baby born this Tuesday in the Dominican Republic. For the occasion, an “8,000 millionth baby” t-shirt was offered to him. The seven billionth was a baby born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The little girl who is now 11 years old Sadia Sultana.

In 1987, Matej Gaspar, born in Zagreb on July 11, was named the five billionth inhabitant of the planet by the UN.

While the Earth had less than a billion inhabitants until the 1800s, it only took twelve years to grow from 7 to 8 billion.

A sign of its demographic slowdown, it will take about fifteen years to reach 9 billion in 2037. The UN projects a “peak” of 10.4 billion in the 2080s and stagnation until the end of the century.

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