The woman was asleep and the sons went to the city: They went 200 meters to the bus!

Due to their young age, the boys caused an unprecedented commotion at a stop in the Rybáře district in Karlovy Vary. It was around 6 pm and they were walking fearlessly down the street unaccompanied by an adult. From exactly where they came from, the police are keeping it secret for privacy reasons. What is certain, however, is that the bus stop to which they marched was 200 meters from their residence. In addition, a busy road leads through the Karlovy Vary district of Rybáře, which the boys have crossed. Therefore, they were very lucky that they did not end up under the wheels of one of the cars. The little excursionists did not leave the driver of the public transport bus cold, who did not hesitate and dialed the police emergency line.

They were looking for a mother

“Colleagues talked to the boys, but the boys were confused. They didn’t know where their mother was or where they lived, “Aha! commander of the city police Marcel Vlasák.

She is said to have fallen asleep

However, the social worker called in immediately knew what to do. She knew the family and her place of residence very well, as everyone had found themselves in the social search engine in the past. The boys’ mother explained that she had fallen asleep and that the children had disappeared from her apartment.

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