The Witcher season 2: Geralt faces a scary monster in this new extract

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Among the series most awaited by fans in this month of December, there is bound to be season 2 of The Witcher ! While the next episodes will be released on December 17 on Netflix, the official account of the series has just unveiled a new extract … muscular! In it, we can notably see Geralt of Rivia confronting a terrible creature that gives him a hard time. The monster sits between the myriapod and the centipede, with a head that resembles that of the goat. The monster also has long, sharp teeth and exhibits remarkable agility … Will Geralt de Riv succeed in annihilating him?

As we can see, our witcher struggles to push him away. However, he can be seen using a protective shield and his sword also seems to be enchanted. If this giant beast is tough, Geralt of Rivia is not at his first attempt. We imagine that if Netflix shares this short extract of season 2 with us, it is because the hero will have to face other much more dangerous creatures in the next episodes.

In addition to protecting the world from these terrible monsters, Geralt of Rivia will be tasked with taking Princess Ciri under his wing. He will take her to Kaer Morhen to train her in magic and combat techniques., but the latter will have to be wary of everything and everyone. Ciri is wanted by many of their enemies, like the soldiers of the Nilfgaardian army, primarily responsible for the disappearance of Yennefer!

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