The winner of a famous cooking show guilty of homicide on a 3-year-old girl… She risks life in prison

This is one of the cases that shocked the United States. Ariel Robinson, known for winning the show’s 20th season Worst Cooks in America was found guilty of homicide, Thursday, May 12, according to judge Letitia Verdin. She and her husband Jerry Austin Robinson were arrested in 2021 after the death of their three-year-old adopted daughter, Victoria Rose Smith. The girl died on January 14, 2021 under the blows of her adoptive mother, who, according to her husband, would have hit her with a leather belt because she was not eating her pancakes fast enough. Greenvill County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Ward said she was beaten so badly that her blood vessels burst. Blood would then have rushed into his muscles and fat, as a result of which his heart would have stopped pumping blood to the brain.

“If we lose enough blood, the heart does not have enough volume to pump”, explained the coroner. Sergeant Scott Magaw of the Simpsonville Police Department testified and revealed that little Victoria’s body had numerous bruises during his procedure. The 30-year-old teacher faces life imprisonment. Her husband, who pleaded guilty to “complicity in homicide by maltreatment” last month, he faces between 10 and 20 years in prison. The couple had custody of Victoria for 10 months and were due to adopt her the week after her death.

Victoria’s birth family say justice has been served. Michelle Urps, the family’s spokeswoman, said after attending testimony all week, the members prepared for all autopsy footage to be shown. They all wore blue ribbons, representing child abuse awareness.

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Sylvain Majadahonda

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