The widow of Postránecki o Poledňáková: VÁCLAV’S DREAM WAS SWEEPED OFF THE TABLE

For Postránecký the 1982 movie S tebu mba bavi svet was the cutest film he ever made. He still expected that Poledňáková thinks of writing a sequel, in which Michal Adámek, Dáš’s husband, would once again appear as a conductor Eliška Balzerová (73). But the director didn’t think of it, so the actor got down to it with vigor. p But he died in 2002 Julius Satinsky (†61), which greatly affected his writing and life, but in the end he managed without surgeon Albert.

Marie Poledňáková (†81): The first lady of Czechoslovak cinema who discovered Tomáš Holé

He wrote and wrote

“He told me that he came up with it brilliantly even without July. He was excited, immersed himself in it and wrote and wrote. And he was looking forward to what Marie would say to that. And one day we set out to see her together,” confided Aha! the actor’s wife Helena. The director welcomed them to the recently completed villa in Nebušice, of which she was extremely proud and where she died a week ago. “It was really beautiful, she had thought out everything in detail there. Her Italian friend suggested it to her, and she then kept a close eye on the whole building.” Postránecká comments that he and his husband first admired the house and only then did Postránecký show the director his sequel.

In a drawer…

“He asked Marie if she could look at it and write a script. Marie didn’t really expect that, but she immediately rejected the whole thing.” Postránecká reveals. The director is said to have argued that the film cannot have a sequel, as it was a huge success and has a clear point at the end. “And that any continuation would only spoil everything. Vašek was sad and I’m not surprised, he wrote it for a long time and it ended up in a drawer. But in the end he came to terms with it and didn’t talk about it anymore. I don’t even know where his creation is now. But it’s definitely somewhere here at home,” points out Mrs. Helena.


Maria Poledňáková (†81) will have her last farewell today from 11 a.m. in the Great Ceremonial Hall in Prague’s Strašnice. Ballet dancer, dancer and actress Helena Postránecká also wanted to be among the multitudes of famous and well-known faces. However, it will eventually be missed there. On Monday morning, she pulled out a notification from her mailbox that she had a doctor’s examination at exactly 11 a.m. today.

Marie Poledňáková (†81), the first lady of Czechoslovak film and comedy of the century, has died

“I tried to change it, but I would wait another six months. I will light a candle at home for Maria at least from early in the morning,” decided Postránecká, who only knew Poledňáková thanks to her husband. The actor’s wife also acted in films and choreographed the films of Eva Sadková (†68), where Poledňáková worked as an assistant director. They became friends there.

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