The White Lotus 2: what to expect from episode 4


This Sunday, HBO will premiere the fourth episode of the show created by Mike White with which we will reach the exact half of the season.

The White Lotus.
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This Sunday, The White Lotus It will reach its fourth episode, with which it will mark the exact half of its second season. The series that Mike White created for HBO It will have seven chapters in this new installment (one more than in the original), with the added bonus that we are seeing much more than the facilities of the luxury hotel. Unlike what happened with the first broadcasts, the filming did not have so many restrictions due to the pandemic and he was able to film outside the resort.

In this context, we not only saw the White Lotus located in Sicily but we also got to know some of the impressive landscapes and attractions that tourists who go to Italy can visit. Everything, of course, from the perspective of the wealthiest sectors not only in North America but also in the entire world. Thus, we can know the vices and dilemmas that surround their lives that seem almost perfect.

After the excellent third episode of The White Lotuswe are going to find ourselves with the trail of consequences left by the party to which Cameron dragged Ethan. Without going any further, it all ended with a call from Harpers that ethan did not respond, just after Daphne It will fill your head with ideas about cheating. Will they get them into enough trouble that they ethan break all ties with cameron?

Another of the points that we are going to see is to know more about Portiato whom there is something of Albie that she clearly doesn’t shut him down and it’s like she feels like she made a mistake for kissing him. In the third episode we saw her exchange glances with another hotel guest who could become her new interest, breaking what they had begun to form with Albie. Everything, of course, yes Tanya it gives her the space she needs and doesn’t use her as a pro bono therapist.

+Who could die in The White Lotus?

In the same way that the first installment began with a mysterious death, in this case the second season of The White Lotus introduced us to Daphne coming across some corpses in the sea. Whose would they be? We could speculate that they are guests that she does not know, because her reaction is not frightened by seeing dead, so Cameron, Harper and Ethan they should be discarded. This could leave us with the Di Grassos, the most dysfunctional of all. Perhaps some adventure proposed by the grandfather of the family has ended in tragedy, although we can also think of mia and luciawhich might have gone too far and become a problem for Cameron and Ethan, who looked for a way to get rid of them. What do you think?

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