‘The Wheel of Time’: Showrunner explains why the series CHANGED the main plot of the book

Who has read ‘the eye of the world‘, first book in the saga ‘the wheel of time‘ knows that the plot is focused on the search for the man who will be the reincarnation of the Dragon, a legendary warrior of the Light responsible for the End of the World.

No romance of Robert Jordan, the prophecy says that the Dragon will be reborn in a man’s body, as men and women draw on different sources of magic in the plot, and the Dragon spirit feeds on the male essence.

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However, the adaptation of Amazon prime discusses the possibility of Dragon being a woman, which left many fans confused.

During a question and answer session on Reddit, o showrunner Rafe Judkins was asked about the matter and explained the reason for the change.

“The change we made wasn’t just that a woman could be the Dragon, the main change we made was that people are NOT 100% convinced that these 3,000-year-old prophecies are 100% accurate.”

He continued:

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“I think it feels a little more true to the world when you see the characters questioning the Dragon’s prophecies and the details surrounding it. Although some excerpts from the book touch on these doubts, this goes much further in the series. Considering that the Aes Sedai, especially Moiraine, don’t trust anyone, it’s more acceptable not to discard anyone, as millennial prophecies can change over the years.”

Speaking of which, the adaptation reached the catalog of Amazon prime just a week ago and it has already become the most watched series of the year on the platform.

The information was revealed by the director of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, during an interview for the Deadline.

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Despite not revealing numbers, the executive was very enthusiastic about the reception of the program starring Rosamund Pike (‘Exemplary Girl’)

“We can firmly say that ‘Wheel of Time’ was the most watched debut of the year among the series on the platform and one of the five most promising releases among films, documentaries and sports programs.”

She continued:

“There were tens and tens of millions of streams during the premiere in the first three days, which shows the strength of the universe created by Robert Jordan and his legion of fans.”

It was also said that Brazil is among the main countries that helped consolidate this brand, along with the United States, India, Canada, France and Germany.

All this success is hardly a surprise, as Parrot Analytics has already disclosed that ‘the wheel of time‘ was being more anticipated than other successful series of the genre, such as the 2nd season of ‘The Witcher‘, da Netflix.

Remember that the next episode of ‘the wheel of time‘ premieres on November 26th.

Described as one of the most popular and enduring fantasy literary sagas of all time, the work has sold over 90 million copies. Set in an epic, sprawling world where magic exists and only a few women are allowed to access it, the story follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), member of an incredibly powerful women’s organization called Aes Sedai. Arriving in the small town of Two Rivers, she embarks on a perilous world journey with five young men and women, one of whom has been prophesied as the Dragon Reborn, who will save or destroy humanity.

Alexandre Willaume (‘Tomb Raider’) will play Thom Merrilin, a traveling artist who joins the protagonist on her journey at the beginning of the first book. Johann Myers You’ll take on the role of Padan Fain, a cunning and treacherous merchant who will cross the characters’ paths for personal advantages.

The cast also includes Madeleine Madden, who will give life to Egwene Al’Vere; Marcus Rutherford, which will be Perrin Aybara; Harris, which will be interpreted by Mar Cauthon; Zoë Robins, which will be Nynaeve; Josha Stradowski, who will give life to Rand Al’Thor; Daniel Henney, which will be al’Lan Mandragoran; e Alvaro Death, which Logain Ablar will perform.

Priyanka Bose, Taylor Napier, Emmanuel Imani, Hammad Animashaun, Alvaro Death, Easter Bocarie, Jennifer Preston, Izuka Hoyle, Sophie Okonedo, Kae Alexander, Clare Perkins, Peter Franzen e Kate Fleetwood also star in the production.

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