The Whale, Brendan Fraser Praises Sadie Sink: "For me it was breathtaking"

Brendan Fraser has praised Sadie Sink, confessing that he was ‘jawed’ on the set of The Whale by his co-star’s performance.

Brendan Fraser was often in awe on the set of The Whale due to the incredible performance of Sadie Sink: The 53-year-old actor looked back on his career in a recent GQ video and praised his co-star while discussing his latest film.

Sadie’s fluidity, the way she manages to put this beautiful and controlled anger into a vein, was breathtaking to me.“, said Fraser, also explaining that this state of mind had negative consequences on his performance: “I was constantly forgetting lines.”

The Whale Sadie Sink Credits Niko Tavernise

The Whale: Sadie Sink in an image

And that was not only because I have cobwebs in my brain and because I was wearing a lot of gear, but also because my jaw dropped. I’m not kidding. During the shoot she was the best, always, every single day“, continued the famous American actor, as reported by People Magazine.

Brendan Fraser also praised Hong Chau for his “authenticity” saying that “she makes everyone around her better. It elevates the material as personal as it makes it. There’s a kind of alchemy going on in his process that makes you believe everything he does or says. … It is surprising“.

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