The Weight of Love, the romantic drama that you must see today

Oh My Venus includes everything you are looking for in a drama that will put you in a good mood, we tell you why you should follow its episodes and where to find them with Spanish subtitles. Learn more about the plot and encourage yourself to see The Weight of Love.

Although new Korean dramas are released every year and every month, there are stories that do not go out of style and that even after several years of their release remain in the hearts of fans, oh my venus is one of them.

The drama is also known as The Weight of Love and the rage for this story is reviving with great force, if you have already seen the story you surely know why, but in case you do not know it, here we tell you what you should know.

Oh My Venus tells the story of a girl who used to be the most beautiful in her school, now she lives stressed by adult life, she gained weight and lost all her self-confidence. If you are looking for a new drama to watch, consider this alternative, then we will tell you what makes it unique.

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Oh My Venus includes romance, life lessons and more, why watch it?

When Joo-Eun finds out that her boyfriend is leaving her because of her weight gain, she is determined to do something about it, so she meets a personal trainer who works with the stars, will he be the solution to regain her confidence and stay in shape?

Characters from the drama Oh My Venus. | Source: Twitter @MinahBrazil

The korean drama It gives us messages about inner beauty and self-love, but also about the determination to meet goals, the importance of health and even about the type of people you should not keep in your life.

So Ji Sub how and Shin Min Ah are the protagonists of kdrama, but you will also see stars like Henry Lau, Sung Hoon, Jung Gyu Woon, Yoo In Young, and more. As you enjoy the episodes you will see several familiar faces.

The impact and success of El Peso del amor was such that in 2019 (4 years after its launch in South Korea), a Chinese adaptation was also released that bears the name of MyFitnessCoachso there is no doubt that it is a good story.

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Where to watch The Weight of Love with Spanish subtitles?

If after everything we’ve told you about this Korean drama you can’t wait to see its episodes, then we’ll tell you that The Weight of Love has just joined the catalog of Netflix and you can already see their episodes on the platform.

If you are a user of this streaming site you can comfortably enjoy the story, but also the Korean series is also on Viki and other drama pages.

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