The Weeknd’s new album arouses speculation: Does he diss Bella Hadid and date Angelina Jolie?

This weekend, Canadian singer The Weeknd’s new album ‘Dawn FM’ was released.

And there are not a few speculations that the 31-year-old musician’s fifth album has already thrown off – speculations about both another upcoming album and the musician’s love life.

First, the album cover attracted attention because it shows the musician with the bourgeois name Abel Tesfaye as an older man. An unrecognizable look, he also showed off at the Hollywood party shortly after the release of the record.

Then The Weeknd even breathed into the speculation that the new album was part of a larger plan.

“I wonder. Do you know that you are experiencing a new trilogy? ”He wrote on Twitter.

It got more fans wondering if a sixth album called ‘After Life’ was on the way. The musician’s fourth album ‘After Hours’ should then show a The Weeknd character who dies, and who then comes into purgatory on the new album ‘Dawn FM’ – and on the possibly upcoming last album ‘After Life’ so either comes in heaven or hell.

But there is also a song on the new album that has sparked speculation about the real The Weeknd and his love life.

For the song ‘Here We Go… Again’ could very well contain both a pill for the turbulent relationship with the model Bella Hadid – and a confirmation of the rumors that The Weeknd is now dating the actress Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid.

Angelina Jolie, The Weeknd and Bella Hadid.

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The pill for Bella Hadid – which The Weeknd broke with for the last time in 2019 – then goes to the 25-year-old model’s new boyfriend, art director Marc Kalman.

‘Your girlfriends try to pair you with someone who is more famous, but instead you ended up with someone who is so basic, faceless. Someone who takes your picture and frames it, ”sings The Weeknd on the track.

But the model boyfriend is not the only famous lady who may be referring to ‘Here We Go… Again’.

Since last September, there have been rumors that The Weeknd should date the 46-year-old actress Angelina Jolie, and those rumors must be said that the 31-year-old musician does no less with the new song.

“My new lady, she’s a movie star,” he sings, praising the movie star’s laughs – and screams when he “really loved her.”

“I told myself I would never fall, but now it’s going loose again,” the song concludes.

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