The weekend starts with light rain and cool temperatures, before drier weather is expected across the country

However, the weather will generally become dry over the extreme north-east in the morning, then also over the northern half in the late afternoon. The air mass will cool down from the north where the maxima will not exceed 3ºC near the Dutch border and will be close to 5ºC in the center and 7ºC along the French border.


The rain zone will leave our country by the south during the evening and the night. Some light winter precipitation will nevertheless be possible on the summits. Clearings will gradually develop in the far north of the country. Elsewhere, the cloudiness will remain more abundant and in the Ardennes, mist or fog may form locally. The minima will be between -4ºC in the Campine, -2 to 0ºC in the center as well as in the Hautes Fagnes and 0 to 4ºC along the French border.

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Sunday morning, medium and high clouds will be quite numerous but it will be dry. In the afternoon, an area of ​​precipitation will reach the west of the country. To the rear, sunny spells will develop but the risk of showers will remain. In Hautes-Fagnes, a little melting snow can be observed. The maximum will be between 3 or 4ºC on the Ardennes heights and 9 or 10ºC at the sea.

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