The Weekend Away: Netflix Thriller Ending Explained – This Is Kate’s Real Killer

A fun weekend trip comes to a bloody end. Did you pay attention to “The Weekend Away” and spot the direct killer?

A new thriller has recently kept Netflix subscribers in suspense, because since March 3, 2022 you can “The Weekend Away” streaming see. The exciting cat-and-mouse game and the search for the real killer also let the local audience investigate, but who can you still trust in this film? Anyone who has lost track of things in the meantime, hasn’t really paid attention or simply wants to know quickly and easily whether their initial instinct was correct can find out here who really was the murderer in the end.

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The Weekend Away: That’s what it’s all about

Best friends Kate (Christina Wolfe) and Beth (Leighton Meester) get away from it all in London and head to Croatia for the weekend. The two enjoy the togetherness and really let it rip at a party, after all Kate needs some distraction after the breakup of her ex-boyfriend.

The shock follows the next day, because Beth wakes up alone in the shared AirBnB. Kate has disappeared and the sad certainty is not long in coming: her body will be found in the water. Without official support but soon a suspect herself, Beth tries to find out on her own who killed her friend.

– Warning, spoilers follow in the next paragraph! –

end resolved: He killed Kate!

Beth’s fight for the truth is anything but easy. Nevertheless, their meticulous search for clues via detours and tricky twists and turns ultimately leads quite clearly to the police officer Pavic (Amar Bukvic), who is already known for his misconduct towards women. The case also seems to have been resolved for the rest of the Croatian police.

Back in London, however, Beth makes a grim discovery: she finds part of Kate’s pearl necklace on her estranged husband, Rob (Luke Norris). While she has the police on the phone, she confronts him about the find and in fact he now confesses. Although it was only an accident, it is now clear in connection with the video recordings that have not been entirely clear so far that he hit Kate and then watched her drown. Nobody expected that, but Beth finally has certainty about what really happened to her friend.

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