The weather will be unstable until the end of March: temperatures will drop from this Sunday

We hope you enjoyed it because the following days will not really be the same.

“Already this Sunday, it will be cooler than this Saturday, with a maximum of 13°C in the plain”, explains the meteorologist, David Dehenauw. A new area of ​​rain and showers will then approach the coast in the middle of the day. It will cross the country from west to east and will be quickly followed by clearings. The maximum will be around 8 or 9 degrees by the sea and in the upper Ardennes, and between 9 and 13 degrees in most other regions, or even 14 degrees in the Campine. “We will have 12 degrees for Monday and 14-15 degrees with some showers for Tuesday,” he continues.

This day of Tuesday, March 21, which is also the day that announces the astronomical spring, will also be the sweetest.

“We lost a few degrees on Wednesday with 12°C and rain: it still remains variable. »

Until the weekend, maximum temperatures will not exceed 12°C.

Looking a week further, we can’t honestly say that this end of March will be very hot.

“For the maxima in the plain, it will vary between 8 and 12 degrees. We won’t be very hot yet. »

And as much to tell you right away, the first two weeks of April are not looking any different according to the first trends we have learned about.

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