“The weather situation is blocked”: Luc Trullemans does not arrive with good news, here is his forecast for the next few days

A powerful anticyclone remains anchored in our regions, determining windless conditions there and thus blocking humidity in the lower layers of the atmosphere, often with fog at night and in the morning.

This Friday we will therefore still find a lot of gray and often freezing fog over Flanders and a large part of the center of the country.

The province of Liège, the east of Hainaut, Luxembourg and a large part of the province of Namur will however quickly benefit from sunny conditions with maximum temperatures which will rise there between 3 and 8 °,

The north of the Flemish country, on the other hand, will experience the persistence of low stratus clouds and fog for much of the day with temperatures remaining blocked below 4 or 5º.

The night from Friday to Saturday will again be heavily contaminated by this same freezing fog north of the Sambre et Meuse furrow while the sky will remain starry over the between Sambre and Meuse, Condroz, Gaume and Ardennes,

It will freeze almost everywhere with lows from 0 to -4º and even between -4 and -8º in some valleys in the east of the country.

On Saturday, the high pressure area will shift a little south and east under the influence of a rainy disturbance that will approach the British Isles.

A little drier air will also invade the northern half of the country, favoring the appearance of sunny periods as in the rest of the regions.

Maximums 3 to 7º and locally even 8 to 10º in the valleys and regions located north and west of the Ardennes relief.

The next night will be a little less cold in the west and will become more cloudy everywhere with lows between 0 and 4º in the west but still 0 to -3º from the center to the east and even -3 to 7º in the valleys of east of the Ardennes.

On Sunday, the rainy disturbance will cross the country from west to east but in a very weakened form giving only a little drizzle or light rain in places.

Temperatures will be 0 to 4º south of the Sambre and Meuse furrows and 4 to 8º elsewhere and it will not temporarily freeze at night.

We will feel a small southwesterly wind blowing with peaks of 20 to 40 km / h.

Begining of the next week

Another anticyclone is expected first over the west of the English Channel and Brittany, then again over our regions, which will once again calm the meteorological conditions with new formations of low stratus and fog.

Daytime temperatures will remain unchanged but night frosts will reappear at night from Monday to Tuesday.

Probable evolution for the period from January 19 to 26

It will be cooler again with highs generally between 1 and 7º.

The weather will initially be still dry, calm and very foggy with night and morning fogs. Then the risk of precipitation should increase with probably the return of some snowfall in the Ardennes

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