The warning from Test Achats: one in three mosquito repellents does not work!

It turns out that eight of these products simply do not work and therefore represent money wasted, according to Test Achats. These include bracelets that are supposed to ward off mosquitoes. But there is also good news: 9 products work very well, some of them with natural active ingredients.

8 out of 22 products ineffective

Of the 22 products that the consumer organization has tested, eight can end up directly in the trash because they have no mosquito repellent effect, according to the Belgian consumer organization. These are the products “Zen’sect Zero repellent 8h”, “Mercurochrome Anti-mosquitoes 7h”, “Argital Mosquitos defense water”, “Para’kito Anti-mosquito bracelet”, “Mosquitno Insect repellent woven bracelet”, “Pranarom Aromapic bio 7h mosquito repellent”, “Mouskito MOUSKITO Repel roller IR3535 20%” and the “Byebugz Anti-insect roll-on”.

“We have found that it is above all products with a low concentration of active ingredients that do not work correctly”, explains Julie Frère, spokesperson for Test Achats. “As for mosquito repellent bracelets, which are often given to children, they are completely ineffective. Don’t spend your money on them! We also obtained that a product – Mosquitos defense water from the Argital brand – be withdrawn from the market by the FPS Public Health because it was not even registered! »

DEET: no objection if used correctly

Among the products that work well are those whose active ingredient is DEET, according to Test Buy. “While there were doubts in the past about the safety of DEET for health, recent studies show that it is completely safe if used only when really needed and not more often. than prescribed. Young children and pregnant women are advised not to use DEET in concentrations above 30%,” the organization says.

Labeling: Where are the allergens?

By law, manufacturers are only required to state the active ingredients and their concentration on the packaging of their mosquito repellent product. “We believe that manufacturers of mosquito repellent products should be required to indicate the full list of ingredients on the packaging, similar to what is already done for cosmetic products,” said Julie Frère, spokesperson for Purchasing test. “The list of ingredients – and in particular the allergens – is important information for people who may have allergies, or for young children. We are asking proof makers to be transparent about this.”

Belgian products in the lead

According to Test Achats, there are also many products that work very well against mosquitoes. This is the case for the two products that obtained a Test Achats label this year: the “Mouskito Tropical Spray DEET 50%” (Best of the Test) and the “Kruidvat DEET 30% anti-insect roll-on” (Maître Achat) . For people who still want to avoid DEET, some products containing other active ingredients such as eucalyptus citriodora oil or icaridin also work very well.

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