The Walloon parliament modifies its regulations to better control its expenditure

The Walloon parliamentarians meeting in plenary session unanimously approved, on Wednesday, an amended modification of the rules of the assembly aimed at making the control of its budgets and its accounts more efficient in the wake of the explosion of expenditure linked to construction sites of the House of Parliamentarians and the pedestrian junction between the car park and the Parliament.

“Expenses that exceed common sense against a background of very problematic management” on the part of the clerk, Frédéric Janssens, suspended for 6 months in mid-September, recalled during the debates the head of the Ecolo group within the assembly, Stéphane Hazée.

Concretely, a permanent committee responsible for examining the budget, accounting, accounts and management of parliament funds will be created in order to monitor the budgetary and accounting management of the means available to the assembly. and decisions of its Bureau.

The functioning of this committee

This commission will receive a quarterly statement of decisions and will have access to all documents relating to the revenue and expenditure of parliament. All the recognized political groups will have representatives with voting rights, on a proportional basis, like any commission. Any member of parliament may also attend the meetings, in an advisory capacity.

In addition, the members of the Bureau, the management body of the Parliament, cannot be members of this commission, the debates of which will be public. It is also proposed that the committee be assisted by an expert, having the quality of company auditor, for the control of the accounts and the funds of the parliament.

“Never Dirty Again”

Finally, the draft accounts will be systematically submitted for review by the Court of Auditors, as is already the case in other assemblies in the country. With this modification of the regulations, “we hope that our parliament will never again be soiled” as it has been, summed up the group leader of the Committed to the regional parliament, François Desquesnes.


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