The Walking Dead, World Beyond season 2: this ridiculous scene mocked by fans

If you follow the final season of the spin-off of The Walking Dead, last Monday you thus discovered the 8th episode entitled Returning Point”. An episode in which Jadis gradually loses control of the CRM after all the scientific data of the Votus project has been deleted. A low blow that the character played by Pollyanna McIntosh cannot take. This is why the young woman immediately orders her team to eradicate the members of the Perimeter., a community of artists where Elton and Will are currently hiding. A great shooting ensues on the lands of the Perimeter, opposing Will, Silas and Dennis with the soldiers of the CRM.

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CRM in season 2 of The Walking Dead, World Beyond – Credit (s): AMC

A heroic sequence which therefore shows the three survivors doing everything to save the lives of all the innocent members of the Perimeter. A scene which does not last very long but which nevertheless triggered a wave of hilarious reactions from fans of the show. Indeed, many serivores have taken to Reddit to complain about the poor and ridiculous quality of this fight scene.

The latter notably underlined the stupid and incomprehensible reactions of the soldiers of the CRM who do not manage to shoot correctly and make very little effort to properly defend themselves. A first user has especially underlined the uselessness of such an action scene, which according to him, does not add anything to the plot and, what is more, is very poorly shot leaving too much dead time between each shot. This is why another Internet user even went so far as to compare the soldiers of the CRM to the stormtroopers of Star Wars, because of their strong inability to shoot properly. Ouch It hurts ! In short, an additional reason to explain why the spin-off World Beyond fans of the franchise are so disappointed. And you, what did you think?

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