The Walking Dead to Marvel: the popular actor who could be Ghost Rider

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) it no longer has limits and its expansion is constant. What was previously contained within the framework of the adventures of the Avengers today has infinite possibilities based on varied characters and the multiverses that were already presented in films such as Spider-Man: into the spider-verse, Spider-Man: No way home and in the series Loki. This means that the characters that were previously the protagonists of solo movies can now connect with a much larger story.

Just think of the case of Blade, what with Wesley Snipes In the 90s he had a trilogy that lasted until 2004 and, for many, he is one of the great leaders together with X-Men that today exists the MCU. The character had been confirmed as part of the saga and in the post-credits scene of Eternals began to play officially within the story, although still without showing his face and only with a voice off the field.

In this context, we must talk about another Marvel character who already had a movie and could now return renewed. Is about Ghost Rider, which in 2007 hit theaters with Nicolas cage as the lead and, despite having its sequel in 2011, it was an absolute failure. Now, Disney regained the rights (previous films were distributed by Columbia Pictures) and could add it to MCU with a new actor. It is worth noting that it was so weak Cage in the first one they even nominated him for an award Razzie.

Norman Reedus, the actor who thanks to his work as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead gained world fame, it might become the new Avenger Ghost. In his favor, it should be noted that motorcycles fit him well and are the vehicle in which he is usually seen in the zombie series of AMC. Furthermore, in an interview with ComicBook expressed his clear desire to be summoned: “I don’t know, call someone, make that happen. I want to do it”.

The Audience-Loved Actor Who Could Take Norman Reedus’s Job

To become the new Ghost Rider, Reedus he will have to beat one of the audience’s favorite actors in recent times: Keanu Reeves. Kevin Feige He confessed that he wants to have the actor of Matrix in the MCU but so far they have not been able to agree on a project. ReevesFor his part, he already confirmed that there were meetings and although he did not say why, his passion for motorcycles could be an element that brings him even closer to this character once played by Nicolas cage.

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