The Walking Dead star suffered while filming final season

After 12 years of history, The Walking Dead has come to an end. “Rest in Peace”, the series finale, aired on November 20. In a chat with fans, Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Negan’s interpreter – discussed the recording of the last chapters, and revealed that he had suffered a serious accident in the filming.

The final episodes of The Walking Dead, it is worth remembering, adapt the series’ comics and show the long-awaited war between the Commonwealth and the other communities of survivors.

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But the end of The Walking Dead is actually just another beginning! The zombie universe continues to live on with a number of spinoffs such as Fear the Walking Dead, World Beyond and upcoming series featuring Maggie, Negan, Daryl and Rick Grimes.

We reveal below everything that Jeffrey Dean Morgan said about the recording of the final season of The Walking Dead; check out.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan broke his foot on the final season of The Walking Dead

Life in the zombie apocalypse isn’t easy for Jeffrey Dean Morgan! In a conversation with fans on Twitter, Negan’s interpreter revealed that he broke his foot in the recording of the final stretch of The Walking Dead.

The actor sprained his foot while filming season 11 of The Walking Dead. As Morgan refused to see a doctor, the injury got heavier, and eventually ended up taking the star out of the picture.

“I broke my foot a long time ago… But I didn’t want to go to the hospital and risk getting Covid. Finally, I took the exam, and yes: it was broken. I couldn’t do anything until I got home. But then I got better. I worked all this time. I only cry 3 or 4 times a day”, joked the actor.

Even so, Jeffrey Dean Morgan postponed the surgery to finish filming The Walking Dead. Season 11 was shot over a period of 17 to 18 months.

In a chat with the Insider website, Negan’s interpreter also revealed that, in fact, both feet were fractured in the recordings of the zombie series.

“It was both! I think the problem was the shoes, to be honest. It all started with a simple injury, and then it got worse. And it gets worse and worse… My heel bones are not the same anymore”, commented the actor, with a lot of good humor.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s plan was to have the surgery between the end of The Walking Dead and the start of shooting on Dead City – the upcoming spin-off of Negan and Maggie.

However, on a trip to Spain, a hernia made the actor’s plans go down the drain. Recently, Morgan also discussed the ending of The Walking Dead, and how filming the series impacted his family life.

“The journey I embarked on with my wife and children was sensational. To be embraced by these people, by this world, all because of this show, is something that will never be duplicated, ever.”

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