The Walking Dead: [SPOILER] makes an appearance in the finale… Did you spot him?

By Francois R.

– Posted on 21 Nov 2022 at 12:24

The Walking Dead ends after 11 seasons. During the final episode, an emblematic actor from the show came to say hello. Warning, spoilers… =

The Walking Deada cult zombie series, ended after 11 seasons. That’s it, the fans said goodbye to their favorite characters. And, more surprisingly, some have spotted a well-known face from the show. In fact, an emblematic actor of walking dead came to say hello, almost by chance, to his ex-playmates during a highly anticipated finale. But who is this unexpected cameo? Attention, spoilers

Chandler Riggsa.k.a Carl Grimesson of the hero Rick Grimes performed on screen by Andrew Lincolncame to pass a header in the final of this last season of walking dead. But no ? Chandler Riggs, aka Carl, died in season 8? Yes, himself. In reality, the actor appears in the last episode of the season, in the background during a discussion between Maggie, Daryl and carol. Chandler Riggs disguised himself as a farmer and works the land. Only the most seasoned fans have recognized the former interpreter of Carl. With or without freeze frames.

Carl, son of Rick

All fans of The Walking Dead remember Carl, Rick’s young son, whose family adventures we followed while slaloming between hungry zombies. In the tragic episode 9 of season 8, Carl dies and Chandler thus leaves the series through the front door with a sacred last stand. According Entertainment Weekly, the arrival of Chandler Riggs on the set was very natural. Easy as pie. In the American media, Angela Kangshowrunner of walking deadrecount : ” Chandler was in town and he just asked if he could come on set to say hello to his friends. I had a great time hanging out with him on the sets, it was great to see him again. We were shooting the last scenes and we needed extras.Angela Kang goes on to explain that Chandler was allowed, if not asked, to play a small background role as an extra. A great way to come full circle and end a series as iconic as The Walking Dead.

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