The Walking Dead series repeats the same trick from the beginning

The Walking Dead universe is very repetitive when it comes to the idea of ​​“hallucination”. This all-too-common trick has emerged in every series in the franchise so far, as pointed out by Screen Rant.

A recent episode of the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead showed John Dorie Sr. having strange hallucinations about Cindy Hawkins, a victim of Teddy the police never found.

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It was strongly implied that what John was experiencing was a result of abstinence from alcohol.

John clearly knew she wasn’t real, but he found himself talking to her anyway, as she represented his irresistible desire to find the answer to an unsolved mystery from his days as a detective.

In the end, John managed to find her without hearing “Cindy”.

Repetition of the same trick

This was essentially a rehash of one of The Walking Dead’s oldest plots.

Princess went through something similar in season ten of The Walking Dead. Rick also had an experience like this in season three.

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In addition to them, several other characters in this world have had these experiences at one point or another.

Most involve dead characters and tend to occur when a person is injured or in a weak emotional state. The Walking Dead has reused this trick to the point where it no longer seems imaginative.

Fear the Walking Dead is shown by AMC Brasil. The series is also available through Amazon Prime Video.

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