The Walking Dead: See when Negan and Maggie’s series takes place

The Walking Dead has come to an end, but the franchise is far from over. Several spin-off series are in production and one of them is Dead City, about Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in New York. Let’s see when it takes place in the franchise timeline.

In an interview with Entertainment WeeklyCohan gives audiences a clue as to when Dead City takes place in the Walking Dead universe.

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Cohan says Dead City picks up years after The Walking Dead concluded, though it’s unclear how many have passed.

“When we started in New York, a few years had already passed. So, in my mind, there’s this hope of renewal at the end of the season, of going out and exploring, like we’ve seen her do before,” Cohan said.

“But I think this time, as far as your family is concerned, it’s about staying in touch about their plan to build new paths and roads. And family means Daryl and Carol and all the rest of it,” the Walking Dead actress continued.

The Walking Dead has prepared spin-off series

Although the ending of The Walking Dead ended quite happily despite the death of a major character, the last scenes of the episode were devoted to setting up future spin-offs.

Daryl leaves Alexandria, preparing his Daryl Dixon series set in Europe. Rick and Michonne are seen dealing with their own battles, leaving fans looking forward to Rick and Michonne.

Maggie’s ending is the most ambiguous, with her simply saying, “I want to talk about the future. There’s a lot out there to discover. And I think it’s time we did that.”

However, Negan was not seen in the time jump a year later that took place after the Commonwealth battle, leading many viewers to wonder how he will be introduced in Dead City.

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