The Walking Dead season 11: Daryl in trouble in a new teaser

The Walking Dead saison 11

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Credit: AMC

A short video from the second part of season 11 of The Walking Dead has been unveiled and shows Daryl in great difficulty.

The wait is starting to get unbearable for all fans of The Walking Dead. Part 2 of Season 11, which will mark the end of the adventures of Earth’s Survivors, will not air until February 20 on AMC. These final episodes should blow our minds. Moreover, some crisp information has been teased by the network. We know in particular which character survived the attack of the Reapers. The American channel unveiled on the site TVLine an image of the new episodes, in which we can see Maggie alive. Lauren Cohan will indeed be back in the final episodes. However, another flagship character will have to worry about.

Daryl, performed by Norman Reedus, is one of the two emblematic characters of The Walking Dead to have survived from beginning to end of the series. In anticipation of the return of Part 2 of Season 11 of the drama show, AMC shared a short video showing Daryl on the Commonwealth’s Lost Wall, a sort of memorial honoring those missing in the apocalypse, as well as people who are trying to reconnect with other survivors. To accompany this teaser published on the official Twitter account of The Walking Dead, fans may read the following caption: “Daryl has come a long way from the start.

The Legacy of The Walking Dead

It is true that during the 11 seasons of The Walking Dead, the character of Daryl marked the spirits. Fans are therefore wondering about the fate of this hero. What outcome did the writers have in store for this favorite of aficionados of The Walking Dead ? The mystery still hovers, but one thing is certain, it is that this character still has a “bright future” in front of him. A spin-off on Daryl and Carol was developed by AMC and should be released in 2023. During a question-and-answer session organized on Twitter by IMDb, Norman Reedus revealed: “I can’t tell you much about the spin-off. I can tell you it won’t look anything like The Walking Dead.”, before specifying: “It won’t look like an episode of The Walking Dead with just Daryl and Carol. It will be completely different.” It promises !

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