"the walking dead" reaches its end after twelve years on the air and audience records


This Sunday from 11 p.m. Star+ will see the last of the 177 episodes with which the long-lived fiction based on the homonymous comic by robert kirkman. the walking dead It premiered in October 2010 and since then it has garnered a horde of unconditional fans, others have fallen by the wayside due to a certain feeling of “stretching” of the series, but what is out of the question is that marked the landing of the zombie genre on television.

throughout their 11 seasons -the first of them with high quality filming and production- TWD starkly portrayed despair at the extinction What did the strange appearance of beings mean? no dead people They ate human flesh.

The “walkers” (walkers) as the protagonists baptized them -headed by andrew lincoln What Rick Grimesthe hero of the survivors – cornered humanity that had to retreat to the countryside, living in hiding and facing the constant threat of their own hunger and that of new enemies.

But then he also showed that people can be even scarier in the absence of authority, rules and institutions. Of course, camaraderie and solidarity were manifested in some, forming the basis of hope for a new civilization.

We never knew why people who died woke up as walkers, and we may never know. The final episode tonight It will show the resolution of the violent conflict between the group of protagonist survivors -who have already lost many “soldiers” along the way- and the utopian Commonwealth community.

Of the main and most popular characters of the series, only Daryl, Carol Y Maggieplus some that were incorporated later as Aaron, Gabriel, Eugene, Magna either Princess.

The most staunch fans will wait, after this outcome that far surpassed the end of the original comic, the spinoffs to come: one about Michonne and Rick, another about Carol and Daryl, and another about Maggie and Negan. And the big question will be answered this Sunday night: will we see Rick again?

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