The Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan discusses the return of Negan in the spin-off Dead City

If “The Walking Dead” recently ended, several spin-offs of the series are still expected. Maggie and Negan will notably be at the heart of “Dead City”. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan spoke on this new show.

Negan left the band at the end of The Walking Dead

Twelve years after the release of its first episode, The Walking Dead recently bid farewell to American viewers. The last episode of its eleventh and final chapter was broadcast this Sunday, November 20 on the other side of the Atlantic. This one reserved for the fans a conversation between Maggie and Negan.

During this, the character played by Lauren Cohan confessed to the one camped by Jeffrey Dean Morgan that he had earned his place in the group of survivors. But whatshe couldn’t forgive him for killing Glenn. Following this, Negan left the group. We could then find him in one of the last scenes of the episode, which took place a year later and which implied that the character now lived in Alexandria with his wife.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) – The Walking Dead ©AMC

Towards a return of the old Negan in DeadCity ?

If the main series has bowed out, the universe of The Walking Dead is still far from over. Several spin-offs are still expected. Including one on Negan and Maggie, first titled Isle of the Dead but which has since been renamed DeadCity. Shortly before the airing of the final episode of the parent series, Dean Morgan was interviewed by Deadline on this future spin-off. And the actor revealed thatit would start a few years after the last episode from The Walking Dead.

Dean Morgan also talked about the evolution of his character. In the main series, Negan tries to redeem himself from his past actions during the last episodes. He notably saves Maggie’s son. But according to his interpreter, the Negan of the past could be back in DeadCity. Because the actor ensures that during the few years that will have passed between the end of the main series and the start of the spin-off, his character could have found “old habits” :

Negan gets a chance to get back to his old ways during those years away. He is someone who has his habits, and he knows how to survive. I’m worried about what happens to him during the few years away from the group, and what will become of him. And so, when he and Maggie reunite, chances are Negan won’t be who he was the last time they saw each other.

A spin-off expected for 2023

Dean Morgan teases us the return of a creepy Negan in DeadCity. It remains to be seen how his relationship with Maggie will evolve when the two characters reunite. In any case, we will only have to wait a few months before we can discover this reunion. Because the filming of DeadCity is almost finished. And the series is expected to launch in the first part of next year.

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