‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Reveals Answers About Rick Grimes and Michonne’s Whereabouts

The final episode of ‘The Walking Dead‘ aired yesterday (20) and ended with an answer to the question that has tormented fans for years: where is Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln🇧🇷

In July, lincoln and Danai Gurira announced that they would be reuniting for the spin-off ‘Rick & Michonne’, which will come to AMC in 2023🇧🇷

Originally intended as a trilogy of Rick movies, the new series will reveal what happened to Rick after he was taken away aboard a Civic Republic helicopter in Season 9 of the original series.

The plot will also address where Michonne was, who left the series in season 10 to try to find her beloved.

But before that, the final episode of the series that gave rise to this entire universe brings some answers about the whereabouts of the duo.

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The five-minute epilogue finds Rick and Michonne separated by time and distance, each writing letters to loved ones back home.

“I think about the dead all the time. And in the living that I lost, says Rick’s letter in voiceover. Memories flash before him with a montage of the dead: Carl. Lori. Shane. T-Dog. Hershel. Glenn. But Rick also thinks about the living: Daryl. Carol. Maggie…

Meanwhile, Michonne writes to her daughter, Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming), and the son Rick doesn’t even know he has: Rick “RJ” Grimes Jr. 🇧🇷Antony Azor🇧🇷

“I’ve tried to contact you and your brother several times. But I’m a long way from the radio now, I know that. But I still have you and you still have me. We are connected. We are still connected to everyone we love.”

At the end of his statement, Rick says:

“We are together”while memories of Michonne invade his mind.

But Rick and Michonne are not together. They are somewhere else and at some other time.

Attentive fans noticed that Rick wears a jacket with the three-circle symbol of the Civic Republic. His possessions are few: his cell phone, a purse and his scuffed boots sit next to a jar of canned food with the insignia of three circles and a staff.

Rick’s belongings suggest that he is now a Civic Republic employee at a mass-cleaning decontamination centers like those seen in ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond🇧🇷

In another time, Michonne packs up Rick’s belongings that she found on a boat marked ‘672’.

“I will find him”says Michonne. “Because I know he is trying to find us.”

At the riverbank, Rick folds his handwritten note into a glass bottle and drops it into the water. The hum of a helicopter’s blades makes it stir.

Rick lifts his bag, throwing it into a nearby boat, marked ‘672’, connecting to the scene of Michonne.

Then the voice of the helicopter pilot resounds overhead:

“Consignee Grimes! You have been located and instructed to surrender. Stay in place with your hands up.”

However, Rick smiles, indicating that he has an orchestrated plan to get rid of the Civic Republic… something that should be fleshed out in the upcoming spinoff series.

So, what did you think of the outcome of the attraction?

Created by Frank Darabontthe series is based on the eponymous comics by Robert Kirkman🇧🇷

The plot accompanies a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world that must not only face the dead, but also the living.

The cast has Norman Reedus🇧🇷 Melissa McBride🇧🇷 Lauren Cohan🇧🇷 Christian Serratos🇧🇷 Josh McDermitt🇧🇷 Seth Gilliam🇧🇷 Ross Marquand🇧🇷 Khary Payton🇧🇷 Cooper Andrews🇧🇷 Callan McAuliffe and Jeffrey Dean Morgan🇧🇷

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