The Walking Dead: Final Will Have What Fans Have Been Waiting For

The Walking Dead finale is near, and it’s going to give fans what they’ve been waiting for in 11 years.

With many spin-offs in the works, the series further expands its universe in 2022, and promises new projects in the future.

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Original series producer Scott Gimple commented that The Walking Dead’s ending isn’t about creating spin-offs (via ScreenRant).

The team promises to conclude 11 years of the series’ history in the season 11 finale, which will air with its third installment in October.

“The ending is about completing The Walking Dead story, not creating spin-offs. There’s room for these spin-offs, but The Walking Dead’s finale concludes the story of those 11 years. We didn’t want the spin-offs to get in the way of that satisfaction,” he said.

The Waking Dead is coming to an end.

More about The Walking Dead

Based on a comic book, The Walking Dead tells the story of a group of survivors, led by Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), after a zombie apocalypse.

The entire population of Earth is infected by a mysterious virus that turns the dead into zombies.

The final season was distributed in three parts, the third will air in October this year. The series’ legacy will not end the show, numerous spinoffs are in development.

The Walking Dead can be watched through the Star+.

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