The Walking Dead Fans Find One Scene From The Show Especially Ridiculous

During its 11 seasons, The Walking Dead offered viewers a lot of drama, action, adventure and, of course, horror. However, according to many fans of the series, some scenes in the production were really “ridiculous” – and one of them happens precisely in the final season, shown in 2022.

The final episode of The Walking Dead, called Rest in Peace (Rest in Peace), it is important to remember, aired on November 20, 2022, on AMC.

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Even before the end, the series already had two spin-offs: Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond. AMC also confirmed the production of series about Daryl, Rick Grimes, Michonne, Negan and Maggie.

Here’s everything you need to know about the scene on The Walking Dead that, according to fans of the series, is especially ridiculous.

Rosita’s ending is criticized by fans of The Walking Dead

According to The Walking Dead fans, the most ridiculous scene of the series happens in the final episode of the zombie plot.

The moment in question shows Rosita, Christian Serratos’ character, falling into a horde of zombies and, miraculously, surviving.

“When she falls into the zombie horde, she should have been eaten there, along with Coco,” commented one fan on Reddit, referring to the character’s baby daughter.

Other users of the social network agreed: the fact that Rosita survived does not make the best sense.

However, as many fans already know, the same also happened with other characters from The Walking Dead, like Glenn, for example.

Rosita managed to survive the fall, but ended up dying in the same episode. After all, she gets bitten by a zombie during the fall.

Back in the community, she accepts her fate and asks Eugene to kill her before the transformation – which offers the character a much more exciting outcome than simply being destroyed by a horde of zombies.

It was Rosita’s own interpreter who suggested this conclusion to The Walking Dead’s writers. Christian Serratos spoke about the subject in a chat with the EW website.

“I fell in love with The Walking Dead for the way the series stirs our emotions. So I wanted to give the audience an emotional experience in the final episode. I think in a series like this, we must lose someone important at the end. I know it sounds tragic, but we had to break fans’ hearts one last time.”

Greg Nicotero, producer of The Walking Dead, also confirmed Christian Serratos’ involvement in Rosita’s fate.

“In this particular case, she (Serratos) wanted to do this because she wanted her character to have a great story and a great legacy. I think she did a sensational job”, commented the producer.

In Brazil, The Walking Dead is on the platform Star+.

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