The Walking Dead: Dead City, let’s take a look at the new teaser trailer for the AMC spin-off

The official The Walking Dead: Dead City YouTube channel has released a new teaser trailer that allows us to take an early look at the series… Curious?

With its ending The Walking Deadin addition to concluding the main story, paved the way for some spin off who will continue on their own: among these we find The Walking Dead: Dead City. Thanks to a new teaser trailer we can begin to get an idea of ​​its potential.

At the heart of The Walking Dead: Dead City we have the story that unites Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), two characters with extremely difficult pasts and pasts, united by this new adventure yet to be discovered. At the moment we don’t know much about it yet, with the main series teasing some sort of “approach” between the two, although Maggie has never forgiven Negan for Glenn’s death.

The Walking Dead: Dead City, Negan could go back to his old ways according to Jeffrey Dean Morgan

“This spinoff takes place a couple of years after The Walking Dead ended, and here’s the problem with those two years: We don’t see what happens to these characters.”Jeffrey Dean Morgan told a few days ago Deadlinesemphasizing the fact that there is the remote possibility of a “back to old habits” for him. Without any official confirmation, we can only limit ourselves to speculating on these first released images, waiting for new details.

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