The Walking Dead came to an end: what are the next projects of the franchise


The Walking Dead came to an end with more joy than sadness, and the franchise has several spin-offs slated for the future. We tell you what they are!

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the walking dead ended its long journey with 11 electrifying seasons that had its long-awaited end on Sunday, November 20 with the episode titled rest in peace where many of the alternatives raised throughout the iconic TV show about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse could be closed as happened with the love of Daryl and Carol who confess their feelings but do not start a romance or the declaration of peace between Maggie and They deny that it is equally far from forgiveness.

All this “decorated” with new zombies that are more dangerous than ever with the ability to climb walls, open doors and even throw heavy objects against windows making it even more difficult to escape from these creatures than in previous installments. However, there was not much time to explore this reality with so many plots that had to find their conclusion.

+Spin-offs of The Walking Dead

.6. fear the walking dead

This series is already in its eighth season and is a prequel to the original installment that concluded on AMC. The TV show shows some of the original characters plus others that are 100% new surviving in the transition time from the pre-zombie apocalypse world to the reality that we all got to see on TWD.

.5. Tales of the Walking Dead

It is an anthological TV series where each new episode will be focused on a different character from the mythology raised by this franchise. The first season had six episodes and included the likes of Terry Crews, Olivia Munn, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, and Poppy Liu.

.4. The Walking Dead: World Beyond

It was a sequel located 10 years after the events that occurred in TWD focused on the alternatives that are a consequence of the zombie apocalypse as well as telling aspects of the Civic Republic Military, the group that took Rick in the ninth batch of episodes of the original show. It had two seasons and ended in 2021.

.3. Dead City

It stars Negan and Maggie and will have its long-awaited premiere next year. It is certainly an ambitious bet if we take into account the history behind these characters since Negan is responsible for the murder of Maggie’s husband. The show is being taped in New Jersey and New York.

.two. Daryl Dixon

The spin off with this character who survived the events of the original series and will have its premiere in 2023 with locations in France. Daryl will seek to reinvent himself while he must survive away from the people with whom he could always feel truly comfortable. Norman Reedus has joked in the past: “They put me there. I don’t go there of my own free will. We will destroy the Louvre and stuff. It’s going to be crazy!”.

.1. The Rick and Michonne Show

Originally three movies were going to tell Rick’s story after the events of TWD but now it has been decided to make it a TV series like the rest of the spin offs of the original show. In the San Diego Comic-ConThey confirmed that Danai Gurira, the actress who gives life to Michonne, would be part of the cast. More information? It will be six episodes and if it is successful, more seasons of the series are expected.

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