The Voice Senior, clash between Loredana Bertè and Orietta Berti: “I was the first!”. Here’s what happened

During the episode of The Voice Senior aired Friday 7 January 2022 Orietta Berti and Loredana Bertè they squabbled about their experiences in Russia. It all started with the presence in the race of Massimo Rastrelli said Mr Zivago, a former artist who found success in the 1980s in Moscow and other Eastern countries with hit dance Little Russian. After the man’s performance, Berti confided that she was the first Italian singer to perform in Russia, explaining that she was invited because in her country of origin, Cavriago (Reggio Emilia), there is a statue of Lenin.

At that point Loredana Bertè intervened: “Do you know that I represented Russia at the Montreux Festival?”. “But why do you have Russian relatives?” Orietta asked her colleague. Bertè, angry, denied. Frost in the studio. Then Clementino – coach of the program together with Berti, Bertè and Gigi D’Alessio – softened by saying: “I have relatives who snore”. The competitor who started it all, however, failed to pass the Blind Auditions of the program conducted by Antonella Clerici and was therefore forced to return home.

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