"The Voice of Germany": This German rock legend becomes the new coach

The TV news in the GALA ticker: Peter Maffay becomes the new coach on “The Voice of Germany” +++ “Bauer sucht Frau International”: Justin and Steffi want to start a family +++ Wedding at first sight”: Robert reveals Details about his loved one.

TV news 2022 in the GALA ticker

May 11, 2022

“The Voice of Germany”: Peter Maffay becomes the new coach

The popular music show “The Voice of Germany” has a new judge! None other than German rock legend Peter Maffay, 72, will be activating the red buzzer in the 12th season starting in August. ProSieben and Sat.1 announced this in a press release on May 11th. The musician is looking forward to his new task.

“I’ve always admired how many great talents choose ‘The Voice of Germany’ as a stepping stone into a career as musicians. I think it’s great to be able to help with this, together with my colleagues. I’m looking forward to good music in good company and many interesting encounters,” Maffay is quoted as saying. In addition to the singer, Stefanie Kloß, 37, Rea Garvey, 49, and Mark Forster, 39, will also listen to new talents in the red “The Voice of Germany” armchair.

“Bauer sucht Frau International”: Justin and Steffi want to start a family

Things are now getting serious with “Bauer sucht Frau International”: After farmer Justin decided for Steffi and against Maureen, the two are already working on their future together as a couple.

In the episode of May 10, 2022, Justin and Steffi are totally in love and even tell their parents that they are now officially a couple. “It makes us very happy that you two are together now,” says Justin’s father Claude and is totally touched by the fresh happiness in love. He even speaks of a “married couple”, which makes Steffi smile. But in the interview, Justin is suddenly talking about starting a family and getting married. “It just feels so right,” enthuses Steffi and keeps looking at her Justin with a smile. A happy couple has found each other here, and they will hopefully remain in everyday life on the farm.

May 10, 2022

“Marriage at first sight”: Robert reveals details about his new girlfriend

In the last season of “Marriage at First Sight”, Robert and Juliane said yes. Their marriage seemed promising at first, but the honeymoon was already a crisis. Meanwhile, Robert is happily taken again. At the end of March he shared the first kissing photo with his new partner on social media – more would follow later. But apart from the fact that his sweetheart comes from Dresden, the 35-year-old has not revealed much about her. Until now!

During a question and answer session on his Instagram story, he now tells how he met his girlfriend. At the time of the “Marriage at First Sight” broadcast, she zapped through the TV channels and “got stuck” on the show when she saw it. “She wrote to me lovingly and wittily on Instagram and with my friendly answer everything took its course,” writes Robert about a picture in which he makes himself comfortable with his partner. As a result, the dome show still found “a happy ending” for him.

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“Farmer is looking for a woman internationally”: coffee farmer Félix says the opinion of lady-in-waiting Monika

Farmers are slowly having to make a decision on “Bauer sucht Frau International”: In episode five, it is Félix from Peru. The coffee farmer has to choose between Monika and Simone, who have spent a few days with him. But Monika didn’t want to sleep directly on Félix’s farm, but in the hotel – and that was exactly what was her undoing. The 55-year-old seeks a conversation with Monika to make things clear to her: “I think you like convenience more. My site here, my home, it will be difficult for you to imagine living here. You always have one Hotel passed – convenience. […] But something went wrong between us because we didn’t meet, because we didn’t have the opportunity, because you were always at the hotel and I was at my house.”

But Monika doesn’t quite see this decision and tries to convince Félix that she was the one who gave a lot. “You didn’t give me a chance to show my feelings or interest in you.” When Félix insists that he only listened to his gut feeling, Monika gets angry and packs her things: “You push me away with cold, that’s unfair.” In the interview, she lets her disappointed feelings run free. “There’s nothing more to say. He coldly threw me away. No chance for me to show interest.”

May 9, 2022

Double bad luck for “The Geissens”: Robert’s boat crash calls the police into action

Actually “everything is going well at the moment”, as Carmen Geiss, 57, reveals in the new episode of “Die Geissens”. In a Preview for the show On May 9, 2022, her husband Robert Geiss, 58, announced that the two were traveling with his beloved boat “Donzi” off the southern Keys Islands in the US state of Florida. Robert is looking forward to lunch at a special restaurant and his fishing trip. But before that, the self-made millionaire has to bring his luxury ship ashore – and that’s where the mess begins. As RTLZWEI announces, he initially gets stuck in a sandbank with the motorboat, then the engine briefly goes on strike.

However, the crowning catastrophe follows in the island’s harbor: while Robert is trying to maneuver the ship to the jetty in order to dock there, another boat crashes! The result is a big dent in the moored catamaran and a big scratch in the “D” of the “Donzi”. While onlookers on the shore reacted with a great shock, Robert first of all bubbled out the accusations towards his wife: “Yes, watch out here! You’re standing there. Why aren’t you looking?” But he seems to be more worried about the onlookers than about the damage: “Very embarrassing docking maneuver.” He doesn’t get too annoyed about it after all. “Shit happens, we have insurance for that,” he concludes. And Carmen also takes it easy: “Where there is planing, there are also shavings,” she says with a shrug. However, the two are not off the hook yet. Because while the millionaire couple is looking forward to their lunch on the island, police officers from the coast guard appear to assess the damage to the catamaran. Means for Robert and Carmen: The food has to wait.

Action at “ZDF-Fernsehgarten” takes viewers too long

The fans of Andrea Kiewel, 56, have been waiting for this for months: finally the “ZDF TV Garden” has opened its doors again and promises the best entertainment on Sunday afternoons all summer long. But the start of the season on May 8, 2022 apparently caused some viewers to show signs of fatigue. “My eyes are closing” was an example read on Twitter.

The literal boredom apparently triggered an actually spectacular-sounding action, which, however, was a long time coming: parachutists were announced, who would jump over the Lerchenberg in Mainz and form a diamond formation. But the promising spectacle was delayed and had to be bridged by a lengthy expert discussion. “The following broadcasts are postponed by thirty minutes”, one user scoffed on twitter. “Far too much gossip”, said another viewer his displeasure. A test of patience, which was compensated a little later with the promised aerial performance and not least with musical flights of fancy: Maite Kelly, 42, Luca Hänni, 27, Beatrice Egli, 33, Glasperlenspiel and Giovanni Zarrella, 44, brought the opening show to its usual entertaining level and whetted the appetite for a fruitful season in the “ZDF TV Garden”.

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