The Voice: Nikos Aliagas absent! Here is the person who will replace him… and it’s not Karine Ferri

Viewers have an appointment, this Saturday, May 14 with the semi-final of The Voice on TF1. A special evening since for the first time, Nikos Aliagas will not be able to be present to provide entertainment. Indeed, the 53-year-old presenter has health problems. A few hours before the first live show of the season, the first channel and production had to call on… Alessandra Sublet.

The latter had indicated that she had put an end to her career as a host to fully embark on comedy. But it would seem that the mother of the family offers a last lap before turning the page. She said goodbye this week to C Canteloup and Friday, May 13, she attended the third season finale of Mask Singer. In addition to the presence of Alessandra Sublet, tele-hook fans will find Nolwenn Leroy and her decisive role during this evening full of surprises.

Florent Pagny will push the song

Florent Pagny, suffering from cancer which he announced at the start of 2021, will be present in his red seat. After giving more than reassuring news about his state of health, he will share a title with Nour and Lou Dassi, his last two talents. “It would be difficult to sing for too long”he had explained to our colleagues from Gala. “Immediately, I’m going to share a song with the kids in The Voice. I’ll see how I breathe because I haven’t sung for a while. But, as long as my voice is there, I’m here! I won’t let go! And I’ll finish my tour after getting back together!” At the end of this live evening, five talents will advance to the grand finale broadcast next week, in the presence of Nikos Aliagas.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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