The viral photo of Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield that would confirm the spiderverse

The spiderverse is a possibility that could only be given thanks to Marvel. Tom Holland,Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire together in the same movie would be something epic for all fans. Because, Spider-Man: No Way Home It is one of the most anticipated tapes of phase four of the study. It is that, for months it has been speculating with the possibility that the three appear working together and fighting the six sinister in this production.

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But, the truth is that since the rumors began, the only one who did not express an opinion on the matter was Maguire. For its part, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland they did not stop denying every word of the theories about Spider-Man: No Way Home. What’s more, the fact that none of the current Peter Parker predecessors appeared in the second trailer has disappointed more than one. Well, the illusion was set on seeing them for the first time in the second preview.

However, beyond what the actors say, the fans are still very aware of the steps that each of them take. This is because any false move is cause for speculation about what will come next December 17 with the premiere of No Way Home. So much so that the last postcard that went viral about the interpreters has left more than one shocked.

Son Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland the protagonists of these snapshots. A photograph of the three Spider-Man interpreters has been waiting for a long time and it finally arrived. As much as Tobey is missing, the truth is that the meeting between the two of them already caused a sensation. And, although This does not mean that the spiderverse is confirmed, the illusions were rekindled for all MCU fans.

Of course, it should be noted that one of the points that these images published by Daniel Ritchman, the journalist specializing in Marvel, had is that they seemed very friends. It was during the GQ-sponsored Man of the Year event that Holland and Garfield met and, truth be told, it didn’t seem like the first time they’d seen each other. What’s more, that was one of the reasons for the incredible viralization that his images had.

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