The Villa of Broken Hearts 7: Mélanight and Romain ready to get back together? We know more

The Villa of Broken Hearts 7

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Credit: aqababe

Mélanight and Romain are they about to put the cover back? We have the answer and we are throwing it at you in this article.

Like every year, before the return of The Villa of Broken Hearts, one doubts the authenticity of the ruptures of certain candidates of reality TV. Fake or not? That is the question ! Not long ago, suspicions were placed on Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress, today we wonder if Mélanight will participate in the adventure after his separation from Romain. But out of the question to question her honesty, the young woman has already dotted the i’s on this subject: Romain and her, it’s over for real, no simulation. But could she participate in the program in order to mend her little heart?

Aqababe thinks the production doesn’t want her on the show – Credit (s): Instagram: aqababe

According to the words ofaqababe that we took in a screenshot just above, the production of The Villa of Broken Hearts would not be interested in Mélanie’s participation. During a question-answer moment that took place on January 9 in an Instagram story, one of his subscribers asked him if the candidate and her ex Romain would be on the show. Faced with this question, the blogger replied: “I don’t think they want Mel in the Villa when she really needs him there right now.” It seems that according to him, the young woman would really need the coaching and advice of Lucie Mariotti to get back on her feet.

Rumors about the casting of La Villa 7

Obviously, Mélanight would not be scheduled for this season seven of The Villa of Broken Hearts although she suffered greatly from her breakup with the one she considered the love of her life. But then, despite everything, will the flame be able to rekindle itself? Only the future will tell us. In the meantime, there is a rumor that Raphael Pepin, who is no longer with Tiffany at the moment, would be among the future participants of the program. This would also be the case for Julien Bert who is also trying to recover from his break up with Hilona. Hey bin say so! Lucie will have her work cut out for her this year!

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